Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization

ORIC is Higher Education Commission (HEC) strategic initiative to promote high quality research activities and link research activities to academia as well as Industry. ORIC-KICSIT was established in May 2018, ORIC has mandate to enhance and promote the environment of research at KICSIT. Academia-Industry Linkage setup under ORIC was Established in June 2020. We became part of & Business Incubation Center (BIC) of Institute of Space Technology (IST) in March 2021.

ORIC-KICSIT have two working domains.

  1. Research Management (Research Publications & Research Grants along with Research Centers).
  2. Innovation & Commercialization (Academia-Industry Linkage setup, Faculty consultancy, MOU’s & Business Incubation Center IST).


Envision to promote, integrate research & innovation activities at KICSIT


  1. Strengthen academia-industry relationship to promote technology-transfer and commercialization activities.
  2. Design and development of business and incubation center.
  3. Inculcating entrepreneurship among graduates.
  4. Enhancing research culture and development program.
  5. Promoting inter / cross disciplinary research.


Mr. Kashif Munir
Mr. Mughees Sarwar
Assistant Manager ORIC, KICSIT
Ms. Saadia Hafeez
Project Coordinator CS Department, KICSIT
Engr. Muhammad Waqas
Project Coordinator CE Department, KICSIT


Research Publications

Total 50+ Publications in last three years. Prominent researchers are Dr. Saif ul Islam, Dr. Sakeena Javaid, Dr. Syed Nasir Mehmood Shah, Dr. Altaf Hussain and Dr. Usman Ali Gulzari.

Research Grants (IGNIT-NGRI & NRPU)

In undergraduate programs we’ve won IGNITE (National Technology Fund) research grants for the five students final year projects amount rupees 114000 PKR in 2021. Faculty from both department submitted proposals in NRPU (National Research Program for Universities – HEC).

Research Labs/Centers

Under ORIC two Research Labs/Centers were established. Currently we have a research Labs With the inauguration of new academic block we’ve plan for a dedicated research centers facility in Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security domains. Cyber Security Research Center was established in November 2019 by Ex-Member Science – Headed by Manager ORIC.
AI Research Center was established in December 2020 on approval of management – Headed by Dr. Saif ul Islam.

Mandate of Research Labs/Centers

Research and development activities related to the emerging field of Cyber Security & Artificial Intelligence particularly for host Organization and generic applications as well. These centers facilitate students and faculty for learning and experimenting the AI-based technology. We’ve completed 10+ industrial projects in CS and 15+ Projects in AI research centers in past two years.


Academia-Industry Linkage setup

For the first time we participated and showcased the Artificial Intelligence based industrial final year projects at First National Artificial Intelligence Forum NAIF - SINOPAK Haripur. Only 25 projects were selected for display out of 250+ Projects from 60+ universities across Pakistan. Our Projects reached the final round of Lab2Market event and that’s a great achievement for KICSIT.

ORIC Achievements (2019-2022)

KICSIT Artificial Intelligence Contributions

ORIC office also conduct regularly the Trainings, Workshops, and Seminars & Webinars for students on campus. ORIC is also responsible for Industrial Visits of students and faculty consultancy opportunities.

Industrial Projects EXPO arranged by ORIC for the first time in KICSIT

Industrial Advisors visited the projects EXPO was held on 22nd September, 2021. Industrial advisors appreciated the efforts of students and gave valuable suggestions. DG electronics suggested that these projects with slight improvements and investment can be applied in host organization and industry. Industrial advisors recommended that in future R&D budget for such projects is mandatory for prototype/product development. Academia-Industrial linkage setup id working in collaboration with National AITeC for the two projects started in spring 2022. Expo is also planned in 2022 for the top management

KICSIT signed MoU with National Institute of Electronics in 2021

serial No Industry Name MoU Date Areas of Interest
1. TELEC Electronics and machinery PRIVATE LIMITED August 30,2021 Power Generation. Port Equipment/ Oil & Gas, Defense Electronics and IT Solutions
2. JOYN PRIVATE LIMITED April 13,2021 Software Development, Mobile Apps Development, Artificial intelligence & Cyber Security
3. TERESOL PRIVATE LIMITED February 22,2021 Embedded systems, Communications, Computer vision, Image processing, video processing ,speech processing, networking and alternative energy solutions
4. SOLUNOX PRIVATE LIMITED May 04,2021 Control systems, Signal processing, Virtual reality: unmanned airborne and seaborne platforms
5. U Health International Hospital Islamabad June 25,2021 Biomedical solutions, Tele health solutions, Mobile Apps development.
6. COE INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED June 25,2021 R&D projects and indigenous solutions
7. IAESTE International September 27,2021 International organization exchanging students for technical work experience abroad having its registered office at FAST House