Revised* Fee Structure Fall 2024 Undergraduate

* will be renewed annually and charged accordingly

Note: As per emergence situation the fee may be revised within academic year.

Fee Structure for MSCS

Fee Structure:

Sr.No Details Amount(Rs)
1 Admission Fee (Once) 15,000/-
2 Endowment Fund (Once) 5,000/-
3 Tuition Fee (per Semester) 60,000/-
4 Freeze Charges per semester 5,000/-
  • Tuition Fee (per Semester) for KICSIT Alumni is Rs. 50,000/-
  • After 4th semester, the following will be charged:
    • 01 Credit Hour fee (Rs. 7000/-) will be charged as continuation fee.
    • Courses (not covered by MS Scholar/Student in 2 years) will be registered and charged Rs. 7000/- per credit hour.

Transport or any other charges will be charged as per approved rates of existing BS programs in KICSIT.
The amount of fee and dues given in tables may be revised by the University or KICSIT authorities as and when required.